Developers Love Newport's Speed and Convenience

Get straight to the code

Visual site builders can be great, but they can also be limiting.  That's why Newport focuses on code-first, then becomes a visual tool for clients.  

Newport finds that perfect balance between control and convenience.

See How Easy It Is

Get Used To Seeing Green

Get out-of-the-box performance with every site.  Best practices and SEO are built-in.  CDN Hosting ensures your pages load instantly.

Best Practices

Streamlined Workflow

Reduce site build times by up to 50%

What makes building a site in Newport so fast?  By staying in the browser, you avoid context switching.  Only standard HTML, CSS and JS skills are needed.   No fighting with infrastructure and compiles.

Powerful Block Editor

Build reusable blocks that can be be mixed-and-matched to create unique page layouts, while still keeping the brand in-tact.


No Context Switching

HTML/CSS/JS is all managed from the same screen.


Expose Content, Not Design

Built in dynamic fields let you control what the client can change.


Responsive Design

Preview responsive sizes as you build to ensure your block looks great on any device.


Full Access to Site Data 

Every block has full access to the entire site data, so it's easy to reference custom post types, etc.


Full Control

You have full control over HTML, CSS and JS for every block.  Create unique and interactive experiences.


Easy Debugging

No need for browser extensions or googling hydration errors. The browser's developer tools are all you need.

Onboard New Developers Quickly

Because Newport doesn't use any special frameworks or compilers, even junior developers can jump in and start making updates right away.

Create Custom Types

Sometimes known as Custom Post Types or Collections, custom types are a great way to manage different types of pages like Locations, Services, Employees, etc so that they aren't mixed in with standard site pages.  You can reference custom types from any block.

Templates. Each custom type can have it's own template.
Maintain Control. Limit which blocks can be added to each Custom Type.
Data-only. Choose whether each custom type should be data-only or a be a browsable page.
Default Blocks. Choose which blocks are added by default when new instances of a custom type are created.

Stop Fighting With Infrastructure

Your new site is up and running in under 60 seconds. No more spending time setting up complicated environments and build systems. No need to manage your own database. Get straight to the code and spend time making your site awesome, not re-inventing the wheel.

Multiple Environments

Preview and Production environments

SSL Certificate

Don't worry about

CDN Hosting

CDN hosting of all assets and live pages


No more syncing databases.


Up to 5GB of storage

More Users

Extra team members and website admins

SaaS based development

work from anywhere with a web-browser

Insanely fast

Every aspect of Newport was built to be as performant as possible.