The Website Builder for Agencies and Freelancers

Agencies need a flexible website builder that doesn't tie them down. Clients need a simple, intuitive website that they can easily manage. 

Welcome to Newport. The website builder designed from the ground up for agency workflow. The build process is fast and convenient for developers. The management of content is simple and easy for clients to take over.

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How Does it Work?

Newport pages are built from blocks.  Blocks are sections of HTML, CSS and JS that allow website admins to edit the content, but not alter the design.  Expose only what you want changed.

Step 1: Build Blocks

Use basic HTML, CSS and JS to create styled blocks that can be mixed-and-matched to build out pages.  

Add fields to the block for content that can be changed, leaving the brand in-tact.

Step 2: Build Pages

Building pages is easy and fun!  Choose which blocks to use on the page and update the content fields.  See your changes in real-time.  Change them up as often as you like to keep the page fresh.

Stop Fighting With Infrastructure

Your new site is up and running in under 60 seconds. No more spending time setting up complicated environments and build systems. No need to manage your own database. Get straight to the code and spend time making your site awesome, not re-inventing the wheel.

Multiple Environments

Changes live on the preview site until they are published.

SSL Certificate

Every site is automatically protected with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

CDN Hosting

CDN hosting of all assets and live pages


No more syncing databases.


Up to 2GB of storage per site

More Users

Extra team members and website admins

SaaS based development

Work from anywhere with a web-browser

Insanely fast

Every aspect of Newport was built to be as performant as possible.

Developers Love Newport

Here are just a few reasons why Newport is the perfect website builder for developers.

99% control over the code. Only a couple of elements need to exist on a page for Newport to work.
Newport is Fast! No waiting on dev builds or slow internal environments.  Get used to sub-second page loads.
No special knowledge needed. Standard HTML, JS and CSS is all you need to create amazing websites.
Streamlined workflow. Avoid context switching by building an entire site without leaving the browser.

White Label

Clients only see your brand.  Replace the Newport logo and URL with your own.  Your clients get to you use the amazing Newport platform while you build your brand.

Simplified Pricing


  • CDN-Based Hosting, SSL Certificate and Multiple Environments included.
  • New features are released to everyone and automatically included at no cost.
  • No extra charges for additional team members, and up to 50 users per website.

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